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La Prairie Cellular 3-Minute Peel suits all skin types with its anti-aging, hydrating, and gently exfoliating facets. Thus, this mask is designed to give you the ultimate polished finish.

La Prairie Cellular 3-Minute Peel restores the surface layers of facial skin for a jovial and extra luminous outcome. Thus, each weekly application provides a polished finish, visibly soothing all complexion types. Designed to improve firmness, this mask also sets skin tissues for a brand new start, free of imperfections or irregularities. In fact, one of its main goals is to even texture and tone, bringing back elasticity as well as toning/refining enlarged pores. Well-rounded, this option relies on the many benefits of the botanical extracts within the groundbreaking Cellular Complex. Its nutritive qualities not only help restructure the skin but also stimulating cells to respond positively to harsher urban conditions, including the passage of time.

Besides, core concentrated exfoliants enable the treatment to be particularly quick and effective, accelerating cell regeneration. Meanwhile, this cleansing effect does not dry the skin or cause irritation. After all, strong hydration remains a major concern, keeping the face shielded from external threats. Thus, the mask preserves moisture, continuing to create a trustworthy defensive barrier. Finally, cast away surface impurities, smooth the skin and maximize personal comfort by giving this skincare option a try.

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