Terms & Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS - Replacements / Exchange, Returns & Refunds

Kunchals strives to serve its customers with the best of service and provides easy returns facility to its customers. You can raise your replacement / exchange or return request by the following ways:

  • Via Call / Whatsapp – Kindly Call / Whatsapp +91 82878 000640 and share your order number.
  • Via email – Kindly write to Admin@kunchals.comwith your order details such as Full name and order Number.

The responsibility to get the order picked will be of the management’s which will be a QC (quality check) reverse pickup in which original packaging of the product, tag(s), barcode(s), seal(s), label(s) should be intact.


Please Note: Replacements / Exchange is purely subject to availability, in case a replacement / exchange is not available it is the management’s decision on the request. Window to raise a replacement / exchange request is 72 hours from time of delivery (as mentioned in the tracking id of that order). Any requests outside this window will not be entertained.


In case of Returns & Refunds, the management will only entertain the request if the product delivered is faulty or defective or broken in any manner. Window to raise a return or refund window is 24 hours from the time of the delivery (as mentioned in the tracking id of that order). Any requests raised outside this window will not be entertained.



Please note:  Our products go through professional quality checks before they are shipped but in the event of a product being delivered which turns out to be damaged or leaked or faulty or broken in any manner, valid proof of the defect or breakage or leakage or fault in the product(s) would be needed in form of clear images which can be shared through either of the above mentioned ways. Also, unboxing video of the product showing the defect clearly without any video cuts from the start of the unboxing video till the end is mandatory for entertaining a return or refund request.  


Return requests will not be entertained under the following conditions:


  • If the product(s) is misused/overused or manhandled.
  • If the product(s) is tried to be returned without original packaging, barcode, serial number, price tag, label(s), freebies (if any given).
  • If the product(s) is tampered with.
  • Defective products that are not covered under Seller/Manufacturer’s warranty
  • If product is used or altered in any manner.
  • If product shown by the customer does not match the product shipped by us.
  • If the product is a gift / free / complimentary product.
  • If request is raised outside the mentioned time window(s).


Please Note: In any scenario, the ultimate decision lies in the hands of the management.


Categories which are not eligible for return:


  • Products which are specially ordered for the customer on demand.
  • Personalised or Customised products.

Cosmetics / Makeup and Personal Care products (due to hygiene issues).


Do I have to return the free gift along with the product?


Yes. The free gift is treated as a part of the order and needs to be returned along with the originally delivered product. Requests without the free gift being returned will not be entertained.


Partly return feature

Kunchals offers its customers a partly return in which they can return a part of the order if not the whole order. One or more items can be returned in case of a multiple item order. However, the products being returned must be in a complete state which means they should have all the components intact / available at the time of the return.