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Gucci Bloom by Gucci is a Floral fragrance for women. Gucci Bloom was launched in 2017.

Ambrosia is buttery, lush, floral sweet (not candy or fruit sweet) musky and divine. A very feminine perfume. Beautiful.

A sophisticated perfume capturing the spirit of the contemporary, diverse, and authentic best gucci bloom perfume. Gucci Bloom's notes of natural tuberose and jasmine create an unexpectedly rich white floral scent on the skin.

The vibrant bouquet features: jasmine bud, tuberose, Rangoon creeper, damascene rose, and velvety orris. An imaginary garden redolent of flowers and plants in diverse types and colors, the original Gucci Bloom Perfume is the foundation of Gucci Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori.

It's kind of musky, I don't think it's a sweet scent. It's like walking into a flower shop where you just have a mixture of flower scents and some of those more robust scents overpower the lighter scents.
Gucci Bloom lasts 10+ hours. Many users report smelling it in their laundry for days

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