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Innovation: Bioderma creates photoderm spot-age SPF 50+ that combines the power of three active ingredients recognised by dermatologists [vitamin c* - vitamin e** - centella Asiatic] and solar filters for broad spectrum protection (UV - visible light - infrared) and creates sun care that prevents and promotes the reduction of visible signs of photo ageing (spots, wrinkles, loss of firmness). cellular bio protection patent (1), real internal biological protection, preserves and stimulates the skin's natural defences against the sun's harmful effects. Vitamin e (2) and vitamin c (3) selected in photoderm spot-age SPF 50+ are highly stable. They provide complementary antioxidant protection against the effects of the broad spectrum (free radicals). they also help to prevent the appearance of new spots. The vitamin c added to the product is three times more stable than the biological active form of vitamin c called lip-ascorbic acid. Vitamin e is introduced under its most natural and active form, the. It blocks radical reactions allowing to protect cell membranes and limit photo-ageing effects on the skin. Centella Asiatic (4) prevents damage to the dermis and regenerates the skin.

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