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Fragrances has great power. It arouses emotions, desires, memories and relief which lead to peace of mind. Such is the influence of perfume, which brings serenity to the mind and hence adhering to the culture. perfumes blends orieental notes in perfumes to create a vibrant fragrance collection that is luxurious, elegant and yet good value for money that matches the need Indian consumer looking Something in the mid-range.

  • {ORIGINAL} - Packaging suitable for travel and gift purpose.
  • {Spray Evenly} - The small holes of the nozzle are evenly distributed, and the spray comes out evenly, help you enjoy the pleasure of spray.
  • It Keeps Your Smell Good and Fell fresh all Day
  • It Takes you from day to evening with Grace and Sophistication.
  • Refreshing fragrance that can be worn at any time of the day

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