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Atyaab al Oud Specializing in oriental fragrances, the Lattafa brand continues to amaze us. In this regard, his new perfume, Atyaab al Oud! You will understand, this unisex perfume is based on agarwood. Its aromatic notes and its touch of vanilla make it an irresistible fragrance. Succumb therefore to the know-how and experience of the Lattafa perfume house. Atyaab al Oud: the best of Oud This unisex oriental fragrance can be very suitable for men, but also for women. Indeed, its oriental character is lightened by spicy and flowery notes. In this regard, its aromas make this eau de parfum a must-have for cold seasons. Indeed, its aromatic top notes are based on saffron, cinnamon and cardamom. On the other hand, its heart notes are animal, oriental and flowery. Through marriage unexpected musk and lily of the valley. Finally, its base notes are oriental, woody, chypre and sweet. Indeed, agarwood and guaiacwood combine wonderfully with vanilla. In addition, a touch of patchouli and cypriol add heat, allowing all the aromas to bind together. Olfactory pyramid: First the top notes are: saffron, cinnamon and cardamom Then the heart notes are: lily of the valley and musk Finally, the base notes are: agarwood (oud), patchouli, vanilla, guaiac wood and cypriol oil. Where can I spray my Atyaab al Oud perfume? Before any use, we recommend that you test the perfume on the crease of your elbow. In order to tarnish the perfume as long as possible. We advise you to apply it to the back of your neck, to the hollow of your chest, to the back of your ears, and to your cuffs. If you like spicy scents Are you fond of oriental and spicy scents? You can find these aromas with the "Magic oud room fragrance" but also the "damask rose scented candle and saffron ”.

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