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This sunscreen claims to be specially developed to nourish and protect the skin on the face, but the recipe is conventional, and the price is alarming. How likely are you to apply such an expensive sunscreen liberally, knowing that any SPF-rated product must be applied liberally to achieve the specified degree of sun protection? You don't need to spend this much money on a good-looking, effective sunscreen.

To return to the formula, it offers broad-spectrum sun protection with stabilised avobenzone for reliable UVA protection, all in a slightly creamy formula that's best for normal to dry skin. There are some antioxidants in there, but none of them are known to be particularly beneficial to sun-exposed skin. Furthermore, several plant extracts are recognised irritants, which, when paired with the scent ingredients, renders this product less nourishing and skin-caring than it appears. In conclusion, this scented sunscreen is effective.

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