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it’s common and natural to have some discharge during the day. It can make things a damp and uncomfortable, especially when working out. A panty liner is a great way to maintain a ‘fresh and clean’ feeling throughout the day. It’s good to change a liner every 3-5 hours. A weak or damaged urethra can leak when strained – for example when sneezing, jumping or laughing. It’s extremely common, especially after giving birth, so it’s nothing to feel embarrassed about. Many have told us that they use panty liners as protection for little leakages. When you need that much more protection there is a Dry & Light pad for light urinary incontinence. use a panty liner rather than a pad for the light days at the end of her period. A panty liner can give you a bit of protection without using a full sized menstrual pad! Many find a liner provides more than adequate protection. We like this idea, as it saves you wearing and using more than needed.

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