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Lancome Mascara Cambrure-Bk

INR. 1,490 INR. 1,650

Exceptionally durable podkr?caj?cy mascara.

The new generation of long-lasting mascara creamy.

Curlguard complex curls the eyelashes angle of 100 degrees and maintain a bend eyelashes for 12 hours.

Like eyelash curler, brush KeepCurl shapes and curls lashes. Square, offset brush hairs with irregular forms on the eyelashes push-up effect and leaves them bent for a long time.

The new formula adds a hydrophobic polymer ink tear-resistant properties, water and grease, leaving it, however, easy to remove.

Ideally distribution is consistency:

- Light, liquid formula,

- The presence of wax eyelashes adds density

- Quickly and permanently gives lashes perfectly curved shape.

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